The Difference is Something Special...

Gimmie Lure Company offers some of the best fishing lures in the world!  Our Spinnerbaits are handmade and we use precision stainless-steel bearings and custom scented skirts.  The fish simply can't resist them!  All of our products are made in the USA. We care about product quality and your Gimmie experience.  Let us know if we can do anything to improve.  Thank you for choosing Gimmie Lure Company.

The Gimmie Hat
Fresh for 2022

Yep, these are the colors you want.

Football Jigs

Something to get hooked on.


And gimmie freedom to choose the color.

Three reasons to buy a Gimmie hat:


Oh no, is your hat dirty? Good, cause our Gimmie hats are clean!  Problem solved.  

Match to Impress

Gimmie hats are available in lots of great colors.  Most outfits look better with a proper hat.

Got to have it!

Did you see a Gimmie hat on someone and Problem Solved.


The Gimmie Spinnerbait

At Gimmie Lure Co., our family loves fishin’ in God’s beautiful outdoors.  We proudly offer a unique, bent-arm spinnerbait fitted with a flirtatious skirt that will drive the fish crazy. Gimmie Skirts are made in the U.S.A. from a unique, durable, synthetic material that stretches far beyond ordinary silicone skirts.

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"Grace" by Ben Anderson of Gimmie Lure Co.